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Here’s what former clients are saying:


“Lynn dedicates herself to each family like they are her own. The passion for her work shines in every child that she teaches. Her extraordinary skills don’t only teach our children the art of communication, but they teach each family the unique language of our children. We are blessed to have had her as our teacher, mentor, and friend.”
—From parent Janine L.


“My daughter had severely impaired expressive language skills due to apraxia of speech. Although she was able to understand what was said to her, she was unable to speak and so we communicated using sign language. Lynn recommended PROMPT therapy which involved manually assisting my daughter with forming sounds and words. It was an amazing moment when my daughter spoke her first word to me! The progress from that time on was rapid. By the time she entered kindergarten, my daughter no longer had an IEP and no longer required any speech therapy. I am incredibly grateful for Lynn’s expertise as she was able to determine the specific approach that my daughter needed. Her patient and fun approach made my daughter excited to participate in speech therapy and increased her motivation. I would highly recommend Lynn as a speech therapy provider!”
—From parent Andrea L.


“My daughter has a permanent medical diagnosis which severely limits her speech and communication abilities, and as such, she has been enrolled in various speech therapy services since she was 12 months old. We’ve seen many different SLPs throughout her life and the best and most constant has been Lynn Gauman, with whom she was a client for over six years. Lynn is extremely dedicated to all of her patients, running her private clinic with the highest standards, constantly seeking professional development, and demonstrating her true care and compassion to the families she treats. We would continue to see Lynn to this day, had we not moved out of state. Lynn is creative and imaginative in her approach, and has personally helped our daughter grow and advance in her communicative abilities- despite the fact that her diagnosis makes progress extremely slow. Lynn’s perseverance to treat our daughter never faltered! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Lynn as both a professional, and also a person. I wish there were more people like her in this world to help our children grow and develop.”
—From parent Karin H.


Here’s what professionals are saying:


“Lynn is more than a therapist, she’s a teacher who makes sure her clients and their families understand their special needs as she empowers them to affect change in their daily lives to further promote the communication skills of their children. I consider myself lucky to have her as a mentor and friend. If you are looking for a dedicated and experienced professional, I highly recommend Lynn Gauman Speech Pathology Services!”
—From professional, Christine Allen, MS, CCC-SLP


“Lynn is innovative, intelligent, compassionate, kind, and always completely prepared. I am thrilled to have had the pleasure to work with her for the past ten years and never hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing pediatric speech therapy services.”
—From professional, Carol Cagle, MS, PT