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Speech Pathology Services

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An evaluation begins with an extensive intake process, including gathering existing reports, parent concerns, a parent interview and child observation. Standardized testing is completed (when possible) along with surveys, inventories, and skill checklists, depending on the needs of the child. A comprehensive speech-language or feeding evaluation is typically 1.5 to two hours in length, but may be extended if additional testing is warranted.


Parents and caregivers are active participants in our treatment model. They are our partners in this venture of improving their child’s communication or feeding skills. With caregivers’ support, therapy continues all week long. Parents are experts in knowing their own child, and when they team up with an experienced therapist, that union is a powerful force for change. A standard speech-language-feeding therapy session is 45 minutes in length, with extensions occurring in 15-minute increments, based on the individual needs of the child.


Clients who have had a recent evaluation or who have undergone previous treatment may request a consultation with the therapist to determine an appropriate treatment plan. After reviewing current evaluations, IEPs, and treatment summaries as well as meeting with the client’s family, the therapist and family will develop a path going forward.

Areas of treatment

We have experience with and training in a wide range of communication and feeding disorders, including, but not limited to: Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Oral Motor Disorders, Myofunctional Disorders, Feeding and Swallowing Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder, Language Delay, Language Disorder, Pragmatic (Social) Language Disorder, Articulation Disorder and Phonological Disorder. If you do not see your area of concern listed here, please contact us.